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kidocracy Kidizens Have more fun
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kidocracy.com is a portal for kids a great place to live, learn and just 'hang out' r
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SomeDay a kidocracy will rise from the ashes.

Until then, you might enjoy cybercritters

List of sites under control of theEtceteraGroup.com

askrosalyn.com Ask Rosalyn anything. Her broad knowledge and access to specialized search tools, gives her the ability to answer most any question.
citizensoftheplanet.comThis website is being developed as a contributor originated site dealing with sharing our responsibilities, successes and failures and working together with an awareness of our own planetary impact.
cwhaticando.comA website for every imaginable experimenter to show off what they have discovered on their exploration into a wide range of interests by becoming a creator.
cwhatidid.comProfessional craftsmen, remodellers, home appliance repairs. Show what you did, and then direct potential customers to show off What You Did.
cybercritters.comcybercritters network:
i-mon.netI-Mon is an i-Centric App designed to give you xtreme privacy in a place that no one but you controls. Also, you can create your own very private network or networks of individuals, by invitation only. And, as a bonus, you can get your own private ad-feeds generated especially and confidentially for your app.
globalheart.comA website reflecting the new way of thinking - POSITIVELY!!! For those who understand the power of the heart to get you through tough times. A place to list the things you appreciate and share yours with the other members.
huffman.bizJames R. (Jim) Huffman Family Website Family History and mail handler for the Huffman.biz domain.
ilysa.comI.L.Y.S.A. Only someone who hung out with the Motorola Advanced Research Lab, or with someone who knew someone will understand this website and fewer still will know the password.
jim.huffman.bizJim Huffman's resume on steroids. My private website where anyone and everyone is welcome to visit.
kidocracy.comKidocracy is a kids site with fun online toys. For kids of any age, pre-teens and teens will find it the most fun.
miloforrest.comThere was once an inventor who invented an artificially intelligent computer, the inventor learned a whole new way to look at his life.
net-xtreme.comWeb services. Primarily the provider for the etcetera group
theEtceteraGroup.comThe mother-lode! This is the intellectual property store for the ETCETERA group.
cwhaticansee.comCwhatIcanSee: When I look into the future, I can see things that may become products or services businesses.
xxyyzz.comThe backdoor to the internet. Based on old developer trick which was to leave a secret back-door to a process so you could operate the application from a God-Eye Point of View.
werbots.comWe Are Acting Like Robots!!! Yes, we are the defining intelligent beings (we are aware of) on this planet, yet we act like robots using old patterned behaviors gathered on the advice of others, parents, relatives, religions, you name it. So we think the same, act the same, and most importantly RE-ACT, the same as all the others. When I look at the state of the planet, this bothers me.
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